Friday, September 05, 2008

Usmlerx Download - Usmle rx

1. 2,200+ top-rated USMLE-style questions
2. EXCLUSIVE! Integrated with 2007 First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 online

Step 1 Qmax has already been battle-tested by thousands of users. Here’s what people are saying:

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* "Wow… USMLERx is badass… USMLERx was challenging and required secondary and tertiary analysis (2-step or 3-step thinking)… this is more representative of what the real test is like."
* "I own Kaplan Qbank as well and completed most of it… but I heard so many good things about USMLERx that I just bought this and I love it! The explanations you provide are awesome compared to Kaplan Qbank."
* "[USMLERx] is very good… good explanations, references to First Aid in almost all answers, and not too expensive."
* "I recently received my score on the Step 1 exam — 225/94 — and I’m very satisfied. I studied hard using Step 1 Qmax, which helped me a great deal in getting this score."

Goljan Step 2 Notes

Goljan Step 2 notes do not exist. Goljan is referring to the Kaplan Step 2 notes -use them to complement the Goljan Step 2 lectures.

medEssentials: High-Yield USMLE Step 1 Review

Product Description

-Core science concepts reviewed for success in medical programs and the USMLE

-structured by organ system

-Chart, pictures, diagrams, and lists to supplement science concepts

-Foundation skills from biology, chemistry, and physics

-Supplementary online material including:

-Eight different online exercises (labeling, reaction speed, separating, synaptic match, shooting game, flash cards, multiple choice questions) to test your knowledge of basic science concepts.

-The scoring method for the online exercises features a personalized learning ""matrix,"" providing a visual snapshot of your strengths and weaknesses. (The matrix organizes exercises according to either discipline or organ system.)

About the Author
Kaplan Medical, the leader in health sciences test preparation, offers a wide range of options for USMLE preparation, including live lectures, video lectures, books, and online products. All courses and products are focused on providing the most exam-relevant information available.

I have found this interesting site when was browsing the other day.

From the description on the site:
...Board Reviewer is bank of of high yield questions for the USMLE Step One. New features are added weekly, so keep checking in...

Worth trying? Maybe...


It is September now - and this means that studies has just started.
Good luck to all USMLE takers.