Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Step 3 USMLE Kaplan Videos

Step 3 USMLE Kaplan Videos

This is a great Review for Step 3.
The lecturers are:

Cardiology - Fischer
Emergency Medicine - Kornbluth
Surgery - Farooqui
ObGyn- Sakala
Hematology - Fischer
Infectious -Fischer
Neurology - Levy
Pulmonology -Faselis
Pediatrics - Koerner
Nephrology - Kornbluth
Psychiatry- Gonzales
Ethics- Gonzales
Internal Med- Kornbluth

This is 100 hours of high-quality video in AVI format.

More information can be found at:

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usmlestep said...

This is the best USMLE Review Video set that is available for Step 3.

Other options that are often used by USMLE Step 3 takers is MKSAP or Medstudy.