Friday, August 18, 2006

Books - highly recommended for USMLE Step 1

Anatomy: High Yield Anatomy
Histology: Section in First Aid is good enough-High Yield has some good pictures you might want to check out
Neuroscience: High Yield Neuroanatomy
Physiology: BRS Physiology-MUST HAVE
Biochemistry: High Yield Biochemistry
Human Behavior: High Yield Human Behavior
Pathology: BRS Pathology-MUST HAVE
Microbiology/Immunology: High Yield is great-good tips for memorization, LANGE for Immunology is probably your best bet, High Yield is OK for immunology
EBM: High Yield Human Behavior, Section from First Aid is adequate-you will just have finished EBM with Dr. Davidson-so don’t stress this topic
Pharmacology: High Yield Pharm and section in First Aid will be enough-test out on pharm shelf and and adjust accordingly

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