Sunday, March 25, 2007


Call it the bad side of technology or simply call it the non-human side of a computer - unfortunately, at times, the Interview Offer email may land up in your "Junk Emails" Folder on your email. Many of us, including myself, blindly go ahead and click on that "Clear Junk" tab without even going through what is being deleted.
Kindly refrain from that during the period from September 1st until the Match Day - You don't want to miss out any program emails!

Hotmail is known to do that a lot, yahoo at times - I personally love Gmail ..yet trust none of them to do your Junk email categorization for you .

Ofcourse, you should also receive the same email on your MyERAS messages section - but at times programs send regular emails, whereas some programs send out paper mail via post !! - e.g. FP program at University of Oklahoma at Tulsa did paper mails during the 2005-2006 season.

You can always change your email address preference on your MyERAS application, if you want to switch.

So , stay alert and ready for some picking-from-the-trashcan activity ;-).

Some of you may say this is aint something to make a big deal about, but I really would not want to miss out that one interview that would have mattered ... hmmm, just a matter of taking-no-chances

Update: Whoa ! Looks like ERAS folks have been reading this blog ;-) Coz recently this notice did show up within ERAS online system :

"Programs have two options of sending emails. They could send an email using the ERAS software or they could send an email using their own email software. If they use the ERAS software you will receive a copy of the email in your Message Center.

Depending on the email service you use, the possibility exists that the emails from programs may be interpreted as either Spam or Junk Mail and therefore they will not appear in your inbox.

Since ERAS has no control over this - we recommend that you check the Message Center regularly for your messages."

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