Sunday, July 15, 2007

USMLE/COMLEX Scores--What is considered good

It instead of citing specific scores, it's better to think in terms of "passing", "getting the mean", "beating the mean" "top third", and "acing."

Most AOA or ACGME-approved programs for family medicine would be happy with "passing." Most of the more selective ones probably only take students who at least "get the mean."

I think for internal medicine, "getting the mean" is pretty much required, but there are probably lots of program who take students who just "pass." More of the selective IM programs will want students in the "top third."

Surgery, at least "top third."

Neurosurg, at least "top third" and probably "acing." Ditto for ortho.

Peds, probably "getting the mean" or "
beating the mean."

OB/GYN, at least "top third."

Psych/Neuro, just "passing" is fine with the exception of some very top programs who probably only take students who "beat the mean."

PM&R, "passing", more selective programs at least "beating the mean" and probably "top third."

Please note that the USMLE no longer gives out percentiles. There were some rumors that the USMLE would eventually become just pass/fail. For now, however, passing is getting approximately 180 and higher. Getting the mean is about 215. Beating the mean is getting over 220. Getting in the top third would probably be over 230. Top ten percent is around 240 and higher.

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