Thursday, October 11, 2007

Opinion about Youel Prep Video Lectures

In short, I'd recommend Youel's over Kaplan or Princeton. Dr. Youel, himself, is not the most dynamic speaker but his information is excellent. He uses a lot of pheumonics and "hand signs" that really help you remember specific details. Also, his "core of the core" facts that you have to know cold are absolutely essential to help you figure out those questions that show up on the boards that are not straight forward. He has a lot of test-like questions that are uncannily accurate to what I got on my Step 2 test. I'd say that the best out there is probably Youel's Prep or the PASS program. Dr. Francis at the PASS program explains things very generally "The 90%" and Dr. Youel focuses on the 10% very well. They're both really helpful. Much more so than anything else I've seen. I hope that helps.

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Dad said...

You have got to be kidding. Youel is a scam artist- he is a one man show that cannot compete with Kap or Falcon