Sunday, May 10, 2009

Goljan Audio and IPOD - solution found

A Lot of people were asking how to use Goljan Audio on IPOD and there were several ways to achieve that and some of them worked and some did not.

And finally there is a full solution to the problem.
You can easily listen to Goljan Pathology Lectures on your favourite Ipod, the car, during workout, while commuting.... Please note that this method does not work for other MP3 players - only for Ipod.

Here is how to use Goljan on Ipod


usmlestep said...

This special Goljan IPOD package also included Goljan Audio transctipt - all lecture are scribed into the readable PDF file, which can be used to copy and paste words from the lectures. Some great gift for any USMLE taker who is looking to improve the pathology skills.

usmle4all said...

WOW! thats what everyone has been searching for..In our time, we had to burn it into audio CDs...

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