Sunday, April 09, 2006

Medstudy Videos - ABIM Internal Medicine

Medstudy Videos - ABIM Internal Medicine

What is Medstudy?

This is Video Lectures Review course that is great for ABIM Internal Medicine Board Exam. It is often used for USMLE Step 3 Review as well.

Program consists of 62 hours of Internal Medicine Videos.
It can be either on 20 DVD or on 4 DVD (DIVX compression). Do you know what is DIVX compression? You can chech the divx site for more details -
DIVX compresses video in the same way as ZIP compresses text files.

2005 edition contains 62 hours of great video lectures.

Videos are in DIVX/AVI format - just 4 DVDs with full content of original 20 DVDs from Medstudy.

600 pages of syllabus also help you to learn materials quick.

Learn more about Medstudy Videos at:

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