Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Usmle Kaplan Material

What are the most popular USMLE Kaplan materials?

They are available for all steps:

Step 1:
Kaplan Video Lectures - 200 hours of video on 17 DVD
Kaplan Webprep - 70 hours of audio
Kaplan Qbank
Kaplan Qbook
Kaplan Notes

Step 2:
Kaplan Video Lectures - 140 hours of video
Kaplan Highlights - 50 hours of video
Kaplan Qbank
Kaplan Qbook
Kaplan Notes

Step 3:
Kaplan Video Lectures - 100 hours of video
Kaplan Qbook
Kaplan Qbank
Kaplan Notes

Try startting here:


Blogmaster said...

I am distributor of unused Kaplan USMLE books.
If you have any requirements, I may be able to fulfil them.
Email me at solidandfair@aol.com.
Happy to put your link on my website

dueiy said...

Buy the books online, whatever you do don´t pay kaplan for a centerprep or deluxeprep, its a rippoff completely!! The people that attend at these centers are complete morons and always in a bad mood. Once they have your money they pretty much are not interested in you anymore. They have old rundown equipment at these centers headphones that don´t work anymore, dvd´s that barely run, remote controls that are taped up to continue half working. If you don´t believe me pay these idiots your money and then you´ll become a believer. ANd whatever you do don´t freeze your account. This gives them legal cover to scam you and not return your money or offer service in replacement. These people should be intervened or sued by someone. They are ripping naive people left and right.