Monday, April 23, 2007

Advise how to improve your usmle step 1 result

I finished Step 1 a few months ago. My score was–99-- (I could not believe it when I was holding the card and I almost fainted).

I used so many resources for my study, but I have to say that KAPLAN IS THE BEST. I was working as a salesman, for a few months before I decided finally to stay home and study (of course I had some money saved aside at the time).

When I started to study, I though that getting over 85 is just a dream but I made it all the way to 99. It’s all about the resources that you use and the amount of concentration that you have when you sit down on your desk and study. If you want to score over 90 you will do it, but if you just want to pass, your score will be around the passing limit.

As much adrenaline as you have in your body when you sit down to study, as much added points to your score you will get.

Here is the list of my study materials:

1--Kaplan preparation center video lectures (about 194 hours) and it’s the latest edition in the center as of May 2005. I have to tell you that I would never have gotten this score without these video lectures.

2--Kaplan notes scanned on the external hard disc (2002 Edition and it has no markings). These notes helped my so much especially the few days before the test when I needed to review each subject in just one day.

3--A complete set of underground clinical vignettes. Understanding the clinical applications of Step 1 has helped me to read the questions on the test so quickly and even expect what they are asking me before reading the final part.

4--Dr. Goljan Notes and high yields facts and Pathology slides (all scanned on the hard disc). Dr. Goljan is the father of Pathology preparation for step 1 and his stuff is a must if you want to score high.

5-Kaplan Pathology library organized in body systems (I saw a lot of slides and picture on my test).

6--Kaplan Webpreparation with their own notes.

7--Pharmacology, Pathology and genetics live audio lecture recorded from Kaplan live lectures. I had these tapes from one of my friends who finished his step 1 and scored 94 and he encouraged me to use them if I want to ace these topics on the test and he was absolutely right.

8--One CD with more than 3500 questions in Pathology. It made Pathology for me like the air I breath.

9--My own tips and remembered high yield facts and topics that I personally saw on the test. I wrote down more than 2500 topics and tips the week right after the test.

10--Kaplan Qbank in Microsoft word format. ( AGAIN KAPLAN IS THE BEST)

11-NMS software for step 1 (6th Edition).

12—A Complete set of Rapid review CD’s (more than 3500 questions arranged by the subject).

13—Kaplan IV bank.

14—Pre-test books (only Biochemistry, genetics, Pathology and neuroscience).

15—More than 10,000 questions and tips remembered by other students that I used to concentrate on what to study.

16—Board simulator software for step 1.

17—Mnemonics that help you remember the hard to remember facts.

18—Some diagrams, charts and flash cards, I personally made during my 9 months study.

19_Gold standard audio review CD’s (55 CD’s) for step 1 (complete). I have used these CD’s during my exercise in the Gym and in other times when I was so saturated and bored from studying and needed a different format of studying.

20—Pass program notes (over 200 pages of tips, high yields, and high lights) it took me just 4 days to read all over these great material and I would say that it added at least 3-5 points to my score.

20__More stuff that I have prepared myself over the months during the time I was studying and even after I have finished my exam and before the results came in the mail. cheers

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