Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Goljan Pathology stuff for download

Have you heard of Goljan Pathology lectures? Some common misspellings are Goldjan, Golljen, Goldjen and Golgan.
I am sure you have heard the buzz that is going on about Goljan Pathology Lectures and wondering how can you get them?

There are 2 ways - one is free, another is not.

1. Free way to get Goljan Pathology Lectures - try searching as much as possible the internet. Most of the links are posted on rapidshare - so it might be a good idea to search for Goljan and rapidshare... If you are lucky and find the goljan download link -congratulations!!!

2. You can also obtain Goljan lectures by paying a small fee. For really small fee you can get the full set of Goljan Audio Lectures on Pathology, Goljan High-Yield Pathology Notes and Goljan Pathology Slides...

The small fee is just $16.99

Try here if you think that you can afford spending $16.99 and get them within next 10 minutes.

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