Monday, June 19, 2006

Tips for selecting Study materials for USMLE

1. Determine whether you are visual or audial learner. Visual learners get more from using video materials (tapes, DVD, VCD), whereas audial learners would prefer audiocassettes or audio CD or MP3 CD.

2. You might be better off with just reading notes and memorizing them. Then consider various mnemonics techniques - they are often very helpful to memorize complex chunkis of information.

3. Ask your colleagues and friends how did they obtained study materials. Do not be afraid to aks as many people as possible.

4. Review your strenghts and weaknesses. If you are weak on Pathology - make sure that you have a good study resource on Pathology - Goljan might be good example.

5. Start looking at various USMLE forums ( or or ) and do not hesitate to ask people out there.

6. Join as many Yahoo Groups on USMLE as possible as listen to the messages.
There is a lot of groups for Step 1 ,Step 2 and Step 3

7. There is a lot of free downloads available on the internet - check the downloads section of large USMLE forums - or or

8. Look through various suggestions on-line - there is a lot of usefulo information at USMLE wikipedia -

9. Download couple of Kaplan USMLE Step 1 video samples from

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