Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why people end up buying USMLE stuff from

I want to tell you several things about andour usmle materials. You often see a lot of USMLE materials offered on the web,in yahoo discussion groups, forums, ebay and similar places.
One good thing about them is that they are damn cheap - $10, $20 or$40. This is great price and sometimes you are feeling like you mustgo ahead and buy a USMLE package - all included for just $50 or so.
Ok, ok.
3 months later you find out that the disk you received is broken.No matter if it was broken during the shipment or your child (or yoursweet niece or nephew) make a large scratch on its surface.
What are you going to do now? Send an email to or kindly asking for a replacement disk?
90 chances out of 100 that email is not used by that time - and noone is able to help you with replacement disk.
Another consideration - when you are buying aall-in-one-super-collection-to-ace-USMLE - make sure that you reallyneed all the stuff listed there.
I recently looked through the list ofall affixes and suffixes used in medicine offered as a free bonus tothe package. Come on! Do you really think that this information will improve yourUSMLE score???
I am sure you are asking yourself - why would I buy from
1. We are here for several years and plan to be here for next severalyears (fingers crossed)
2. We have several thousand satisfied customers (and several dozenpeople who hate us and send meaningless offences about in various forums)
3. We offer quality materials and have unconditional 6-monthreplacement warranty. No matter if the disk was scratched by your child, you spilled a coffee or just lost it in transit when you weremoving houses. We will replace your disk at no cost.
We have EVERY major USMLE study material you ever need for USMLE Step1/2/3. We also have many other materials for ABIM boards and even more- ask if you need something that is not listed on our site:
Do not forget - all the materials comes with unconditional 6-month warranty. Any problem is on us - we will ship you replacement and willnot ask questions.

P.S. Many people ask us about testimonials - well the best testimonialis the fact that people start selling our DVDs on E-Bay with the brandnames that were invented by us - Step 1 Deluxe edition or Step 1Premium edition or Step 1 Standard edition.
Read more about these products at

Just enter your email and you will get a download link to the sampleof these great Video lectures. You will get it within next 10-15minutes, depending on how busy is the internet connection.

P.P.S. We also offer an opportunity for USMLE takers to meet on-line and exchange their ideas - visit us at

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