Monday, June 19, 2006

What is Goljan Audio?

So you want to know exactly what is Goljan Step 1 Pathology Lectures and what does it include?
Here is an answer for you:

Goljan Audio Day 1:
Cell Injury A ~8.5MB
Cell Injury B ~8.6MB
Inflammation A ~ 8.5MB
Inflammation B ~10MB
Fluid and Hemodynamics A ~8.5MB
Fluid and Hemodynamics B ~8.5MB
Fluib and Hemodynamics C ~7.82MB

Goljan Pathology Day 2:
Nutrition A ~8.9MB
Nurtition B and Neoplasia ~8.7MB
Neoplasia B ~8.7MB
Neoplasia C ~9.9MB
Hematology B ~8.9MB
Hematology C ~8.5MB
Hematology D ~8.7MB
Hematology E ~10.2MB

Goljan Pathology Lecture Day 3:
Hematology F ~8.9MB
Hematology G ~8.8MB
Hematology H ~8.5MB
Cardiovascular A ~10.2MB
Cardio B ~9.4MB
Cardio C ~8.1MB
Cardio D ~8.4MB
Respiratory A ~10.5

Goljan Audio Pathology Day 4:
Respiratory B ~8.6MB
Resp B ~8.7MB
GI A ~8.7MB
GI B ~10MB
Hepatobiliary A ~8.7MB
Hapatobiliary B 8.1MB
Renal A ~8.1MB
Renal B ~10.8MB

Goljan Audio Day 5:
GYN A ~9.1MB
GYN B ~7.8MB
Endocrine ~10.3MB
Musculoskeletal ~8.5MB
Derm ~8.7MB
CNS Special Senses ~7.2MB

Goljan HY 100pages
Goljan HY Notes 36 pages
Goljan Pathology Slides

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