Sunday, July 02, 2006

General Surgery: possible for IMG?

Definitely tough - but a residency in general surgery ain't impossible. A friend of mine recently got a residency position at the Methodist Hospital System in Houston on a J1 Visa and I shall be putting up advice from him pretty soon.

It's surely tougher than IM or FP, and it usually is a 1-year "preliminary" position that is granted.

However, ground work is needed - observerships count a lot ! surgical research too counts. Fellowship options after General Surgery ? These include cardiothoracic surgery, vascular surgery, surgical oncology, plastic surgery, etc.

Here are some places that are knowned to have offered General Surgery Observerships in the past:

St. Luke's Hospital of Bethlehem (PA)
Thomas Jefferson University
University of Buffalo
University of Iowa
University of Michigan
University of Nebraska Medical Center
University of Pittsburgh
University of Tennessee
University of Vermont
University of Wisconsin
Vanderbilt University

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