Sunday, July 02, 2006

PLASTIC SURGEON - how much can you earn

Cash is Paper.... Credit Cards are Plastic , whatever it may be, you sure need some serious money if you wanna use the services of a Plastic Surgeon. Hollywood needs them all the time, like Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Simpson recently did for their noses ;-)

Here's are some average plastic surgeon salaries :

Houston: $ 299,000/-
Los Angeles: $ 326,000/-
New York: $341,000/-
Seattle: $317,000/-

How to get into Plastic Surgery ? Let me quote text from the Harvard Program:

"There are two tracks : (1) an independent three-year program open to applicants who have completed at least three years of a general surgery residency or other approved prerequisite residency, and (2) an integrated six-year program open to applicants who have completed medical school. In the six-year program, the first three years will be spent in a general surgery residency with general surgery rotations and rotations specifically relevant to plastic surgery; the final three years will be spent doing a program identical to that of the independent three-year program residents."

Obviousle very difficult for IMG - but there have been a few who made it with proper planning, clinical exposure, knowing the right people and ofcourse - superb surgical skills !

NOTE: Salaries here are the 50th Percentile Salaries and may apply to mid-career levels - the lower percentile salaries (for fresh physicians) may actually be lower by 30,000- 40,000 $

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