Saturday, July 15, 2006

USMLE score distribution

Most applicants have a general impression of how competitive their USMLE scores are, but it's difficult to get data to support their impressions. We've compiled some data on how competitive USMLE scores are for different situations. Since residency programs are notoriously tight-lipped (and appropriately so) about the USMLE scores of their residents, we can't guaranty any of the conclusions - but we do think they are in the right range. Let us know what you think after you visit this USMLE scores page.

  • top internal medicine programs are looking for step 1 scores of 230 or better.
  • the average usmle step 1 score for applicants who matched in ophthalmology had a score of 224 (those who didn't match had an average score of 206).
  • Passing score (as of 1/16/04) is 182 according the NBME official USMLE site.
  • The average score is about 214 (estimate from the score distribution).

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